At FEET we believe in a world based on dignity, where every human being has the same opportunity. Rather than giving philanthropy away, we invest it in people.


Girls are the first to drop out of school, and the first to be failed by the system, facing the perils of early marriage, early pregnancy, and abuse. Without the choice to write their own futures, their endless potential is wasted.

  • In sub-Saharan Africa, 33.3 million* girls of primary and lower secondary school age are out of school. This number rises to 52.2 million when taking into account girls of upper secondary school age.
  • Poverty is the greatest barrier to accessing an education – overcoming this barrier by investing in girls and women is a proven way of improving the health and wealth of entire nations. It’s also one of the most effective ways of tackling climate change because addressing gender inequity unlocks women’s power over their own lives, and those of their children. 
  • With access to education women can do amazing things: launch businesses, become health workers, run schools, and lead governments, making the world a better place for everyone.

At FEET we provide Young Women with financial resources and support, dismantling the barriers to their education by partnering with their community, teachers, government officials and traditional authorities . The support is not a one-off injection of money, but a package that allows the girl to finish her education, do well academically, and maximize the value of her education after graduation.